Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Squeaky little Vernal’s Hanging Parrot

Vernal’s Hanging Parrot is always a pleasure to watch, an active little parrot (essentially a parakeet) that has a sharp high pitch call while flying like a guided missile negotiating the trees at high speed. My earlier attempts to snap this bird was not very successful but finally got a rather good one at Coorg on a daily nature walk. 
The Tibetans of India 

I am quite taken in by the cultural presence of Tibetan Buddhists. Sand mandalas are exquisite, so is the ambience of the temples.  Incidentally, I was big fan of momos much before it became popular.  I have visited Tibetan settlement at Mcleodganj, Dharamashala (in HP) few times. Recently I was in Coorg, Kushalnagara, Bylakuppe to be specific, that has significant presence of Tibetans. I have come here before. The Golden temple is quite marvelous, profusion of colors and aesthetics is breathtaking, further few km is Sera monastery where more than 5000 Buddhists are studying to become monks. I thought of going to the library, that is lodged in a grand building but it seems to be perpetually closed, I was told it opens from 2pm to5pm. Odd time indeed.    .
Bylakuppe undoubtedly has some beautiful Tibetan style buildings, I though am appalled by the fact that the Tibetans who have been staying here for decades find it difficult to interact in Kannada, this is severely indecent. They seem to have reduced themselves to ghettos without much concern to the outside world, who incidentally have been quite a gracious host. They have intentionally kept themselves isolated. It is understandable that they are quite insecure, and feel the desperate need to preserve their culture that is brutally uprooted and transplanted in a distant land. We do empathize with these concerns. That however doesn’t explain nor justify the lack of sensitivity towards others. It can even be snobbishness, I found the monks amiable so this factor can be discounted. But I also found them extremely reserved to the point of rude, this is not taken. Tibetans must be aware of local language and culture, indeed the state government has every right to promote its language and make it compulsory in schools. This blogger will argue that their presence has been overall quite positive and peaceful (there has been incidents of poaching for Chinese so called medicines) but the ghettoised mindset doesn’t augur well. It is likely that post-communist (that is strong central authority, an anachronism), and a democratized China, will see autonomy or even freedom to Tibet. It looks quite plausible. That however doesn’t explain rude behavior. Languages need to be respected not only as a cultural reference but also as intent to understand the land and its people.   

As I was roaming around the Camp, that is about three km from Golden Temple, I came across Tibetan cultural centre, few inquiries and mishaps led me to some youngsters who were busy practicing songs for some event. They also had mind focused on traditional welcome song for Dalai Lama who is visiting later this year. You may visit me at  this song is in praise of Dalai Lama. The singers are Nyima Dhondup, Logyal and Achoa. Dhondup who is the lead singer came out quite subdued and shy, it’s only when he started singing that I saw startling transformation. They came out as quite an affable and mannered bunch of youngsters, and that speaks volume of the culture that these youngsters are exposed to. Rarely over the top, self controlled and talented. I guess being a good human being is more than enough than any claim to talent.   

From my scribble pad...  
The purpose
Every instance a purpose.
Every living moment grand wrestle of purposes
In the ultimate purpose little purposes sacrifices itself
for a cause still not quite clear.
In the search of purposes, the eternal condemnations
of aims and goals, for bigger and brighter.
The non purpose embedded takes time to reveal
and so the beauty of timeless nature of being 

To know
The aim, if you call it so,
Is to know, to know more
To be aware, to understand
To think on these
And to know more